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e can supply you with all of your computer needs from mice to complete systems. Currently working on an online shop but in the meantime if you require anything computer related just ask - if we do not have it in stock we can almost certainly get it delivered to your door for the next day.

If you are looking to buy a laptop or computer from us our prices start from £319.99 for a laptop and £249.99 for a computer. We also offer a trade in option - if your computer/laptop is in working condition you can part-ex it in for a newer model (upto £100).

If you are looking for a new computer, please contact us before ordering as we can match the specifications to what you require - we will give you free advice on what sort of machine you should be looking for; even if you do not wish to order it from us.


ll of our computers are custom built to directly match your needs, all of which come with a 12month guarantee and free setup aswell as free installation of any additional software that you may have already purchased. Our computers can beat all of the large companies such as Dell and PC World in both price and performace and we will not try and push you into buying any unnecessary extras that you do not want.

Click Here to download the latest computer prices - Please note that this is just a small selection, computers can be built to any specification.
Hotline 07814345715


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